Pam Siliato

Navigating Education in a Virtual World

By: JoNelle Sood May 12, 2021

Our Q2 workshop was focused on professional and personal development with guest speaker Pam Siliato, Head of Talent Development, Marvell Semiconductor. The topic was Navigating Education in a Virtual World and Pam delivered an engaging, fun, and informative presentation.

The goal was to share advice and provide tips on how to use tools and resources for communication and collaboration. We discussed synchronous and asynchronous forms of communication, what it looks like when you blend the two, and how to translate that into the world of education.

Pam encouraged students to discover the variety of collaborative tools that are available for free as well as paid tools as a way to prepare them for the professional environment. We also shared ideas on staying healthy, connected and how to integrate these tools for social hours.

Ho’omau supports the success and development of Pacific Islanders and we’ll continue to host quarterly webinars for all applicants and recipients focused on education, health, and professional and personal development.

I’m appreciative of Pam’s time and the attention she put into tailoring the presentation from a corporate perspective to a student perspective.

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About Ho’omau Foundation

Ho’omau Foundation’s sole purpose is to support Pacific Islanders for success and development. Our mission is to provide scholarships, mentorship, and networking opportunities to Pacific Islander students who are active in the Pacific Islander community. We believe that by combining the support for academic success and perpetuation of our culture, the foundation will help recipients succeed in their endeavors while maintaining and growing their cultural ties and identity.

Ho’omau will fulfill our mission by granting scholarships to eligible recipients, assigning each recipient a mentor to help with the transition to college, and introducing them to a growing network community to last a lifetime. By nurturing and reinforcing cultural identity while supporting academic and professional success, Ho’omau will serve, not only the recipients themselves but also the larger Pacific Islander community that is underrepresented in most lucrative and prestigious fields.