Kevin Bryan

Resume Writing, linkedin profile, and branding workshop

By: JoNelle Sood January 26, 2021

In an honor to uphold our purpose statement, we hosted our first webinar for all applicants on resume writing, creating profiles on LinkedIn and social branding tips with guest speaker, Kevin Bryan. Kevin is a Talent Scout at Adobe and provided tremendous advice to all of our applicants as an expert in this area. The goal was to prepare all applicants for the campus fair activities starting in February. Our applicants were introduced to LinkedIn as a professional social platform where you can get your news, connect with professionals in your field, follow influencers and companies. It’s a wonderful way to stay connected with others and create your own professional profile. Kevin provided many tips on creating a resume and areas to focus on from formatting to key details and the elements that draw the attention of recruiters. Kevin also shared with the applicants the significance of your personal brand on LinkedIn and how it differs from other social platforms. Ho’omau supports the success and development of Pacific Islanders and we’ll continue to host quarterly webinars for all applicants and recipients focused on education, health, and professional and personal development.

I’m appreciative of Kevin’s time and the care he put into creating a tailored presentation for our applicants as they consider their first internship or summer job. A big “Thank you” to our guest speaker for helping us achieve our goals.

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About Ho’omau Foundation

Ho’omau Foundation’s sole purpose is to support Pacific Islanders for success and development. Our mission is to provide scholarships, mentorship, and networking opportunities to Pacific Islander students who are active in the Pacific Islander community. We believe that by combining the support for academic success and perpetuation of our culture, the foundation will help recipients succeed in their endeavors while maintaining and growing their cultural ties and identity.

Ho’omau will fulfill our mission by granting scholarships to eligible recipients, assigning each recipient a mentor to help with the transition to college, and introducing them to a growing network community to last a lifetime. By nurturing and reinforcing cultural identity while supporting academic and professional success, Ho’omau will serve, not only the recipients themselves but also the larger Pacific Islander community that is underrepresented in most lucrative and prestigious fields.