December Grad

December Graduate

December 20, 2023

Kyla Paglinawan graduated with her Bachelor's in Hawaiian Studies and a Minor in Sociology from the University of Hawaii, Manoa on Dec 15th, proving that hard work and dedication really do pay off!  Kyla received her first Kamery Lee Jr. scholarship her freshman year in 2020 and has been a Ho’omau Foundation Recipient ever since. 

She's hitting the ground running by starting her new journey in the Human Resources Dept with a leading health care systems provider in Hawai'i.

Kyla has this to share about her scholarship, “Ho’omau Foundation was the organization that has seen me grow from a high school senior scared to go off to college, to a woman graduating a semester early. Without the support and scholarship that Ho’omau Foundation has provided for me, I wouldn’t be here today to say I am a proud 1st generation college graduate, a proud Native Hawaiian Wahine (woman) ready to serve her lahui i na manawa apau (community everyday)!”

This is a major step forward in her professional journey and we couldn't be prouder. 

She joins our other 2023 graduates - Kaua, Lilia, and Tehani. We couldn't be prouder! 🎉